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Medical insurance/aid
When coming in for your scheduled appointment, make sure you or the beneficiary of the medical insurance  has the allocated medical insurance card on them. This card is used to verify the status of the holder and authorize payments so you do not have to.
Holders of Medical treatment Orders (MTOs) should have authorized MTOs and the scheduled appointment should be before the expiry date of the MTO. 

For a list of insurance providers we cater to, please click here.

we do understand there are times when you cannot keep your scheduled appointment. Please do inform us by SMS, email or phone of these cancellations before the appointment time so that we can reschedule you to a more suitable time and date.

Please keep in mind that missing dental appointments for multi-visit treatments can greatly jeopardize the success of the treatment as certain aspects of the treatment will not completed within the recommended period of time. Therefore please inform us of any cancellation so that we can reschedule your appointment for the earliest available opportunity.

EMERGENCIES don't require appointments. Please come in as soon as you can so that we can attend to you as quickly as possible.


MAWANO Dental Clinic

Plot 59, Buganda Rd
Kampala, Central Region