Dr Deo Mawano
A graduate from Makerere university (Uganda), Dr Deo Mawano brings a wealth of over thirty five years of dental experience in Uganda to the dental team. It is this experience that has played a great role in keeping a standard of care. Through his continued desire to better himself, he has continued to expand his knowledge by attending several conferences all over the world I order to keep up with the new ground breaking developments in the dental world.
Dr Deo Mawano is a member of the Uganda Dental association  (and served on the executive as treasurer), member of the Christian Medical and Dental association, Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).
His interest in living a quiet life away from the city has led him to setup a little community (Buwambo Christian community) with home they share similar ideas.


Mrs Beatrice Mawano
Mrs Beatrice Mawano is and has been the quite and powerful engine that keeps every one looking and moving forward. She trained as a midwife at Mengo hospital school of Midwifery and practiced and later taught at the school. Her background in maternity health led her to join compassion international as a health coordinator for their rural projects. 
This rural projects were often far in between and long solitary drives to and fro were made just to keep the projects running.
Her optimistic and positive outlook despite the heavy lifting she had had to do has always kept us moving forward and this has made her an invaluable member of our team


Dr Timothy Mawano
Having graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, WITS ( South Africa) with a bachelors degree in dentistry, Dr Timothy Mawano decided to return back to Uganda and join his father in the world of dental practice. His goal is to help elevate the standards of dentistry of Uganda to match and exceed those set internationally, by delivering a dental service and experience that can only be defined as world class.

The love for the beauty that arises from the merger of beauty and functional form has steered him to the field of aesthetics/cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Timothy Mawano is member of the Uganda Dental Association, and also served on its executive. He is a member of the South African Academy of Computerized Dentistry (SAACD) and an executive member of the Academy of computerized dentistry in Uganda (ACDU)
He is an avid basketball fan, amateur techie and foodie.....although his cooking skills have along way to go before they get him on master chef.